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“I am very happy to share with you…”

“I am very happy to share with you…”

On Wednesday, November 23, Kelly Bailey took to social media to share a statement with her followers. The young actress made a new decision in her life and explained why.

Through her personal Instagram account, Kelly Bailey shared a video in which she looks calm and took the opportunity to express that she had decided to leave the Naugthyboys agency, with which she worked for six years, to go into business on her own.

“In life we ​​must accept that all phases are important to determine who we are and what we want to be. I am very happy to share all this with you, from now on I have a team of people, all handpicked by me, who will be alongside me in Management of my career and in the improvement and proximity of brands and projects in any business “He began writing in the caption of the post.

The young actress also revealed the reasons for such a decision: “I want to be more present in the creative process, in the discussion of ideas, in the basis of questions. I want to be more “me”, and I couldn’t be more focused and enthusiastic. With utmost affection and gratitude for all that we have achieved together.”he added.

“It was a thoughtful and deliberate decision, but life gives us small signs that I always try to interpret knowing that I respect my will, my truth, my dignity and my intuition. I don’t know how to be otherwise and I know that in this way I will always be on the right path”Been completed.

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