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I arrived via a manager and was scammed

I arrived via a manager and was scammed

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Anna Katilas


Bruno Filipe defends Azeméis’ goal, but has already scored three goals in his career and all of them are especially for the Brazilian, who was left to his fate in Portugal alone, four years ago.

Bruno Felipe stood out in goal, his impressive performances, but this season he has also shown a streak of scoring he had already shown at the end of last season when he scored the decisive goal that made Viseu 2001 his first qualification. Playoff date.

This season, on his return to futsal, the Brazilian has won twice, from goal to goal as well: he took the win in the last seconds at Leões de Porto Salvo (1-2) and knocked Braga out of the debate on points. (2-4). says the goalkeeper, who took off his shirt during the celebration and saw two yellow cards and … many scolding coach Ricardo Cannavaro. “I have to think of other ways to celebrate the next stage,” Bruno Philippe joked, explaining that the goals are “God’s work” and “work in training.” The 22-year-old recalls: “Last year, there were several moments when I was close, but the goal did not appear. But, at a time when the team needed to qualify most, there was a goal for me.” happily.

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Bruno Felipe arrived in Portugal four years ago full of dreams, and even the difficulties he faced thousands of kilometers from his homeland did not derail him. “I arrived via a manager. I was deceived, because he left me here and went to Italy and I was a little lost in the country. There is no club and nothing,” he recalls, when he was “on the side of Mirandella.” Futsal de Azeméis opened its doors to him (2018/19) before also representing Viseu 2001 for the past two seasons. “I’m back with more experience and everything is going well,” he concluded.