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"I believe in science. We play a global sport and we have to respect countries »

“I believe in science. We play a global sport and we have to respect countries »

Victoria Azarenka A member of the WTA Tennis Council and one of the most vocal advocates of tennis rights and the most controversial issue in world tennis, this Wednesday, in Melbourne, advocated that tennis players should be responsible and take the vaccine to prevent situations. Like the one that happened recently at the Australian Open is being repeated.

My point of view regarding vaccination is very clear. I believe in science, I’ve been vaccinated and I’m calling everyone to. I don’t want to impose my beliefs on others, but tennis is a global sport, players travel between countries every week and we have to respect the rules of different countries.”The world number one, who contracted covid-19 in November, warned that she believes her parents – at-risk patients – passed the virus without problems because they had already been vaccinated.

The Belarusian also commented on the issue of deportation and believes that no one looks good in the photo. The situation should have been resolved beforehand, without letting him get to the point where he had reached. Nobody looks good in the picture. There shouldn’t be a gray area in the law, because it was obvious that someone would try to take advantage. In these kinds of things, it’s better to be all black or all white.”

Vika also talked about the Peng Shuai case. “We still have very little information, but what we keep promising is that we are doing everything we can to make sure she is safe. We hope to speak to her in person as soon as possible.”

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