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“I came to discover some rotten…”

“I came to discover some rotten…”

Roy Pinheiro, former “Big Brother 2021” contender, is embroiled in a new controversy. North’s ex-girlfriend “discovered some rotten stuff” and took to social media to expose the situation.

On Friday, April 29, Roy Pinero’s ex-girlfriend gave her followers the freedom to ask their questions from her Instagram Stories. Some netizens asked about ex-boyfriend Roy Pinheiro: “How about Roy?” or “Did you and Roy talk after BB?” , are some examples.

Facing the questions, I began to answer: “Whenever I square a question, we have one of these. I always avoid it..let’s go….”

Roy Pinheiro’s ex-girlfriend begins revealing that she ended their relationship in August, shortly before he joined Big Brother, but… “What a lot of people don’t know is (…) after Roy left the house, we got back together”. The relationship is not assumed, only those close to him know.

“We were supposed to act as if we were in a respectful relationship. We were together from the beginning of February until the end of April.”reveal.

From this moment the girl began to “wash the dirty clothes” and revealed: “When I came to discover some spoilers. I was surprised to learn that a little bird was singing and that I made up that we were together. If I did not understand myself, I would be more specific: He himself said that we were not together to be able to devour so many girls.”

The ex-girlfriend of the Big Brother contestant decided to expose the situation for the following reasons: “The only thing I don’t want is to sound crazy (…) because it’s really frustrating.”

“In short, to answer your questions for the first and last time, Roy and I are back together. But we are not and never will be again.”finish.

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