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"I can't get up, I can't walk. I'll be bedridden for a month"

“I can’t get up, I can’t walk. I’ll be bedridden for a month”

NSArgarida Arana is still in hospital after she accidentally fell earlier this week from a seven-meter-high balcony. On Thursday, the 14th of this month, the former contestant of ‘Love On Top’ took a less painful moment due to the various injuries she suffered, to inform her Instagram followers of her health.

“I can’t get up because of my pelvis [rachada], I can not walk. This will take about a month, so I will be bedridden during that time. Next to a broken foot and a broken arm. The foot should be turned and the arm turned on too,” says the young woman from Alentejo, who is still without getting up and needs health professionals to take care of her personal hygiene – which is done with Margarida lying down.

“Doctors said it was a miracle…it’s not yet time,” he says.

Margarida says she lost her balance due to the effect of the medication she was taking for depression, when she was getting ready to smoke a cigarette on the balcony.

“This shocked me and it was all because of my medication and a cigarette I smoked at the time. So I will never smoke again. Anything that is addiction is gone from my head,” he confirms.

As for the hospitalization and the way it’s treated in the hospital where it’s located, the former contestant on TVI’s Love On Top laments the “horrible” food and the lack of medical staff.

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