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Tandy doesn’t hide the fact that it was a very special period he went through as a private person and as an athlete.

They estimated I was without a pulse for two and a half to three minutes. So it’s not just that, he says in one video interview.

The interview was conducted under the auspices of the National Jump Team, and neither NRK nor other media were allowed to ask questions in this sequence.

– He doesn’t remember anything at all

Tandy says he is now doing very well and that he has started training again.

– What do you remember from autumn?

– I don’t remember anything at all. Tandi says the last thing I remember is that I went for a walk with my sister and her boyfriend the day before to go to Slovenia.

What is the meaning of not remembering such a fall?

– I think it’s fine. When I met the rest of the guys, I think it was an even bigger shock to them. He says they remember her, but I don’t.

Tandy has had a very hard time.

Photo: Hopplandslaget

– He can wake up like everyone else

In the interview, he says, his left clavicle was completely shattered after the fall, which he did not first discover on an X-ray. He has now worked on a total of ten screws holding the parts in place.

The 27-year-old reveals that he has also suffered from four internal brain hemorrhages.

The bleeding was mainly in the left part (of the brain). It’s in the area that controls the character, so if there was a major bleed I could have woken up like everyone else. The jump profile realizes that had there been a major bleed, I could have been completely different now.

It was marked for life after the fall and received significant scarring. Watch him flaunt it here:

He hopes to make his first leap since the fall already in July. He doesn’t think the experience will hold him back that much the next time he’s sitting on his starting spur.

– It might be a little worse with a jumpsuit with the painting below, but something else I don’t think would be a problem. Tandy says I am looking forward to jumping again.

– Are you not afraid after this fall?

– It remains to be seen, but I am not yet. The body may react the first time you jump again. I can’t imagine it would be hard to jump up an ordinary hill and a big hill again. He admits that the first jump in flying on the ice can give a little more nerves, and be worse in Planica.


The teeth were quickly taken care of by the medical staff after Planica’s fall.

Photo: AP

I cried when I saw them

In the interview, Tandi says that the first time he blew up that something serious had happened was when his mother and girlfriend Anja visited him in the emergency room in Slovenia.

I cried when I first saw them. I think it was just too awful to lie there without anyone present. He says it’s hard to get things done when you come out of a coma and are in this situation.

Watch Tandy’s fall here (NRK warns of powerful images)

He was put into an artificial coma

The fall itself was of a horrific kind. The teeth completely lost control in the air and fell out ugly.

NRK has chosen to wait until it is confirmed that the 27-year-old will be fine before we show clips of the fall on our podiums.

Meanwhile, NRK jump experts Anders Jacobsen and Johan Remen Evensen Step by step through how and why Tande fell.

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Daniel Andre Tandy at Sognsvann regarding the selection of the national team for next season. He was photographed, but not interviewed.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

From the Norwegian’s fall to his arrival at the university hospital in Ljubljana, it took 59 minutes, according to sporting director Klaas Brady Brathin.

Trans was placed in an artificial coma in a hospital in Slovenia, and did not wake up until four days later. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with a broken collarbone and a perforated lung.

He and his family have praised the work of Tandy’s medical staff.

– He can become the best skate player in the world again

In mid-April, he was discharged from Akershus University Hospital and is now starting a return job as a top athlete.

Recently selected for the national jump team for next season, sporting director Claes Brady Brathin believes the 27-year-old will return stronger than ever.

– I think Daniel can be the best figure skater in the world again, Recently told Bråthen NRK.

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