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I cried when I saw Eriksen fall.

I cried when I saw Eriksen fall.

The Portuguese coach, who worked with the Tottenham midfielder, discussed what happened with Christian Eriksen in the Denmark-Finland match.

Jose Mourinho, one of the commentators on TalkSport during the European Championships, made no secret that he experienced moments of distress when he saw Eriksen fall dead on the pitch.

“I can’t stop thinking about what happened. I think today is a day to celebrate and not to grieve. Football entered this path with all protocols, the quality of the doctors and myself too. I think God was looking at this field at that moment. All this together helped Christian to stay with us, and to survive. It also showed the good values ​​of this sport, love and solidarity. I cried when I saw Eriksen fall and I think millions around the world did too. It is proof of that This sport can bring people together. Unfortunately, it was yesterday for the wrong reasons, but in the end we were able to celebrate,” said the Roma coach.

Saturday’s meeting between Denmark and Finland in Copenhagen was halted in the 43rd minute after Christian Eriksen collided on the field. The midfielder was rescued immediately and subjected to resuscitation attempts by the medical team and is currently stable in hospital.

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