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“I didn't even want to believe it.”  He asks his girlfriend to marry him during a solar eclipse

“I didn't even want to believe it.” He asks his girlfriend to marry him during a solar eclipse

AndAlthough most Americans remember April 8 as the day they witnessed a total solar eclipse, for this couple it was also the day they decided to stay together forever.

“It was a wonderful day. Eclipse, the debut of the Guardian team [equipa de futebol americano] “At home, a very special day for our relationship, the day I proposed to this beautiful lady,” BJ Hedo revealed to News 5 Cleveland.

Allison Schuler and PJ Hedo have been dating for three and a half years, and on Monday they were planning to watch the eclipse and then go to the Guardians' home opener.

“I thought we'd have a few drinks. You know, drink a little and go see The Guardian. I didn't think about anything else,” Alison recalls.

And so it was… Alisson left the house to go watch the game (and he had no idea what was going to happen). However, PJ decided to take a winter coat to hide the ring and Allison found it strange, so she asked him if it was too hot for a coat. The friend switched the subject and ended up forgetting Allison.

At the end of the match, everything made sense in Alisson's mind. The woman said: “He turned and was on his knees, I couldn’t believe it.” Hedo added: “I wanted to wait until the end of the total solar eclipse but I was nervous and shaking, and it was like that.” It was nice.”

While it's possible to plan your eclipse viewing by the minute, love can't. For this couple, April 8 will be full of moments they will never forget. “It's going to be the most special day, and you know what's funny? November 8th was our first date. So I think November 8th will always be a special day for us… I feel like now, any eclipse if it happens,” Alison said. “Again, it will have to We have to make sure we get there.”

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The couple is also considering an eclipse-themed wedding.

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