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"I didn't expect to be as fragile as I was..."

“I didn’t expect to be as fragile as I was…”

Sofia Ribeiro took to social media to share a long outburst with her followers, after she went to the hospital, in a situation that turned into a “journey of memories,” she said.

The artist made an “iron reinforcement”, and told her followers what she felt on this day, after she defeated cancer in 2016: “Today I went to do rebar. A simple iron reinforcement turned into a flight of memories. I just realized that sometimes even I have no real idea what this kind of situation can do for me. It’s been a long time since I spent so many hours in the hospital “, begins to write.

“It has been a long time since I stayed in the same hospital where I underwent the treatment, in the same place, I received strange fluids of even more strange colors in my vein, accompanied by this friend by my side… The truth is that I wasn’t waiting to be as fragile as I was “, still describes the actress.

“The smells, the noises of the machines, the needles going into the skin, the conversations I accidentally overheard… like the one in the next room doing chemo, while he was told he arrived at the hospital in August in excruciating pain and that it was like as soon as he found out he had cancer the blood “ He can still read.

Then Sofia Ribeiro appeals to those who follow her to think: “I am writing to you in defiance of the thinking I have given myself and I share with you.”

“Every day thousands of people leave this ‘plan’. Children, young adults, old people… The truth is that we will never be ready to die, even if that is the only certainty we have. The more I look closely, I ask myself and re-evaluate my whole life, all A step, every minute.”Reflects the actress.

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