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“I didn’t have much faith in marriage” - Julia Pinheiro's husband changes her plans

“I didn’t have much faith in marriage” – Julia Pinheiro’s husband changes her plans

Júlia Pinheiro and SIC had their birthday yesterday, but today is yours. For the first time, the presenter opened the doors of her house and gave an interview to the most important person in her life: her husband, Roy Bego. Along the way, she always had the support and complicity of her partner, and after being married for 37 years, Julia lived with her husband for much longer than she did alone.

They spoke with immense generosity without reservations about the happy moments but also about the difficult times in a unique moment, about the balance of life and the celebration of love.

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Julia admitted that marriage was not part of her plans, until she met a radio star and fell madly in love with him. Today, when he remembers December 28, 1985, the day he ascended to the altar in the chapel of Vila Nova de Cervera, he cannot hide the feelings and meaning of that unforgettable day.

“I even told my parents that not only would I marry, but they would not have grandchildren, and none of that would ever happen (…) I would be a journalist inIn the international stages, therefore, marriage was not “compatible” with that. and then appearadmits.

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