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I didn't see evidence that Hamas used the building - VG

I didn’t see evidence that Hamas used the building – VG

Israel claims that Hamas used the media building for Military Intelligence and landed on it. Their close ally, the United States, has seen no evidence of Hamas affiliation.


On Saturday, at least four Israeli bombs struck the Al-Galaa building in Gaza, which housed newsrooms such as Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press. They were given one hour to evacuate before the attack began.

Israel justified the attack by saying that Hamas used the building for military intelligence. Now they are being pressured by the United States to provide evidence of this.

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RUIN: The 12-story building collapsed after the attack. Photo: Adel Hanna / Associated Press

Israel says the evidence is coming

“Soon after the attack, we asked for evidence that this was true,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told a news conference in Copenhagen on Monday.

He did not want to delve into whether it was intelligence activities.

– I haven’t seen any evidence yet.

On Sunday, the IDF stated that they are in the midst of the fighting and that it is taking time to distribute the evidence, but they will come, according to the AP news agency.

Editor Sally Busby says the AP has had offices in the building for 15 years and has never seen signs of Hamas using the building.

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Foreign Secretary: Anthony Blinken during Monday’s press conference in Copenhagen. Photo: POOL / REUTERS / NTB

It may be part of the trial

“Hamas has turned residential areas in Gaza into military strongholds. In connection with the bombing, the Israeli army said,” They are using high-rise buildings for several military purposes, such as intelligence work, planning attacks, command and control, and communications, he added.

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They believe this makes buildings like evacuation legal targets.

The media organization called on Reporters Without Borders to investigate the bombing of the media building as a possible war crime, and to include this in an already-started case about Israel’s performance in the region at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.