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"I didn't want to go out like that..."

“I didn’t want to go out like that…”

Thiago Jaquita, contestant on SIC’s Casados ​​à Primeira Vista, returned to the program and was with João, Uicãa and Bruno to continue the conversation.

Uicãa, João and Bruno invited Tiago Jaqueta to catch up and understand what has happened since the young man from Sesimbra left the programme.

At one point in the conversation, young John asked: “Have you spoken to her? [Dina Guedes]? “. Thiago Jacket responds: “Not often, but we even talked to work things out.”

Dolce’s fiancé insists on the matter and asks: “But is she okay with you?”called the former competitor: “I’ll be honest. In the last two weeks we’ve talked to there three times. We managed to talk calmly, as we already had a certain shock (…) but deep down they didn’t want to stay in that environment that stayed (…) we both left there in a form very bad “.

Bruno reveals that all the contestants were shocked by what happened at the engagement party in which Thiago Jacquetta and Dina Guedes put an end to their marriage.

The contestants remembered some of Dina’s words, which are when she shot in front of everyone: “I didn’t make love, I had sex”. Thiago Jaquita says that the last conversation between the spouses in front of specialists ‘It was really ugly’ And that in the following days he thought he did not enjoy the experience: “I didn’t want to come out that way.”

The young man reveals that he tried to talk to his ex-wife In one of “Do you want to go there, I apologize to everyone”, But Dina Geddes did not accept and remembered the past problems between the spouses.

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Watch the full moment here.