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"I don't like heavy environments..."

“I don’t like heavy environments…”

Marco Costa, on Monday night, October 11, made a live action on his Instagram account, in which he was very sad, breathing with his followers.

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At some point, in the video, the confectioner also talked about leaving TV, more specifically TVI, about a year ago, in July 2020.

“I loved working on TV, I love doing TV, I really enjoyed watching TV, but I went out at a time – I got out – while I was tired of what I was doing, I was tired because of the environment…”He started by saying.

He added: “I do not like being in heavy environments, I still today, you who follow me see that I am always surrounded by the same people, always … If I begin to see that the environment is not my sight, I will leave and sometimes we, in life, swallow a lot of frogs (… ) But if I could be where I feel good and above all I have a good thing, I grew up with nothing… On TV, I don’t feel happy anymore, it’s been 3 and a half years, and it’s always been the same program… And I’m not happy anymore right Now “.

Marco Costa later admitted that he did not want to return to television, but he does not rule out this hypothesis:

“I probably won’t be back… I don’t care, it’s not a sight… I know TV is important, even for you guys to keep following me…”.

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