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"I don't say the name because I can't"

“I don’t say the name because I can’t”

aIn Rocha de Souza she was a rape victim at the age of 17. A shocking episode of extreme violence that the actress and director remembered with great emotion in an interview with Julia Pinheiro

Anna Rocha de Souza regrets that for “many years” she did not consider her case of abuse as a violation, a word she still finds difficult to articulate today.

The actress met the person in question, a celebrity, during an autograph session where she was asked to contact him for a closer conversation.

This person’s strength is related to fame and closeness to a weak audience“, the account.

I just don’t say the name because I can’t. It’s not about protecting anyone, and it’s not about wanting to ruin anyone’s life either. I’d really like to be able to say this person’s name for a very simple reason, because I think we should all have a right to know the risks some people can take in his presence,” he says, explaining that he’s a “much bigger man.” old man.”

The rape occurred after two phone calls, one of which was to the actress’s parents, and after Anna was invited to meet the person in question.

“It is my fault that I went there,” he laments, acknowledging that it was precisely in this meeting that he experienced the dramatic “aggressive and violent attitude” that marked his life forever.

“I didn’t say no and assure there’s no need to say no. First, because the girl is shivering and says we’re not making it more real. I didn’t say no, but my body said no. I did not move, I was embarrassed,” he says, warning of the fact that it is necessary to change mentalities regarding this issue.

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“To this day, with the information I have today, I believe this person is a predator,” she says, visibly impressed.

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