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"I don't want to miss this moment with my kids"

“I don’t want to miss this moment with my kids”

sJan Reynolds has spoken about his decision to take a break from acting. The 45-year-old actor brought up this topic with LinkedIn’s news editor, Jesse Humble.

The Hollywood star started by noting, “Well, I’ve done a lot.” “The most important thing for me, and I know you have kids too, is that I don’t want to miss this moment with them,” he noted.

“Letting me go came at the right time. Not just for my family, but for MNTN and the extreme efforts, to focus on that a little bit,” he added, referring to the other projects he’s been setting up.

“I want my children to have regular working hours. For many years, when my wife, Blake, was shooting a movie, I wasn’t, and I stayed with them and vice versa. We switched jobs. We never worked at the same time. But we were always apart. And the kids too”reflects.

“Now that they’re in school, they have normal office hours. I think it’s very important for their development and I love being a parent there. I like taking them to school in the morning and picking them up. Focusing on things that I’m really excited about.”

Remember, Reynolds and Lively have three children: James, six, Inez, five, and Betty, two.

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