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Marta Gil, Big Brother Famosos

“I embrace you in silence…”

Marta Gill was surprised by a message from her boyfriend.

In the second part of the “Big Brother Famosos” concert on Sunday, February 20, the contestants were surprised to visit family and friends, and after Jorge Guerrero and Cacha, Marta Gil He also received a very special visitor.

After being with her friend Martim in the cube room, the actress ended up receiving a letter from her boyfriend. “Can you believe I’ve been asked for a voicemail? I think what’s needed is a true accent in this house. The only thing you ended up missing in this adventure was that, and the rest is out there. There is no how-to guide to happiness, but thank you for letting me see That my guide comes with Marta Gil”He started by saying.

“I want you to know that I still hold you even in my silence. Now it’s all broken and don’t forget the wound is rough, not Marta. Regarding the game, we all think you’ll bring the blender home.”It can still be heard.

In the aftermath of this moment, Marta Gill already thought that she would not receive a visit from her partner. Better to live in silence. I know I have a deadline, so when the deadline comes I want to live it fully […] I know Zi won’t come here… I didn’t expect Ziy to be there, because I knew he wouldn’t.”He said.

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