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I got the last note [dos exames]…and I failed at everything.”

I got the last note [dos exames]…and I failed at everything.”

Mafalda Diamond announced herself to the public by entering Big Brother 2022, revealing in her identity that she is studying business administration and that this position reality show He will be dedicated to focusing on the exams needed in order to pass the year in college, which was delayed when participating in TVI.

On the morning of Monday January 23, about two months after leaving Big Brother, the 20-year-old from Porto shared with her followers through stories On Instagram the results he got in the regular season exams.

I can now do an official regular season assessment, today I received the final grade and… I failed everything! Even the ones I thought had gone through so well, I failed!“, reveal.

Mafalda Diamond expressed his statements regarding the results and showed commitment in the restart season as follows: “But it doesn’t matter, there’s no point in me being here crying over spilled milk, unless it’s because I’m on appeal right now, I’ve already been studying […] I’m going to do my best now, I’m doing an almost impossible job, I’m studying three months worth of stuff“, He said.

I had one month to study, I left on November 28th, I had one month and then another week, and for the three months I wasn’t there I didn’t have access to any materials either. It’s complicated, I’m doing my best, because it really has to be, or else I’ll only have one year and one semester left in collegeHe finished.

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