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I got the shock bill: – Alarming

I got the shock bill: – Alarming

Last week, DinSide wrote about a group of parents and their children at a restaurant in Georgia, USA.

When they got the bill, they saw that an additional amount had been added for “adults who cannot raise their children.” Which made many of them react.

According to the guests, the additional cost was $50, which is equivalent to 550 Norwegian kroner.

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Now the American media has done so today I interviewed parents who received the bill, and they were very critical of the way the owner of the Toccoa Riverside restaurant conducted himself.

The parents are in shock

Lindsey Landman was the one who got the bill, and when she saw the extra $50 she thought it was a joke.

Lindsey and her husband, Kyle Landman, were on vacation with several families when they visited the restaurant.

There were eleven children between the ages of three and eight at the table.

Pizza Shock: - She became angry

Pizza Shock: – She became angry

– The children sat at one end of the table, and we think they were very smart. “I even commented mid-meal that I couldn’t believe how well they were doing,” Landman says.

She adds that some parents took the children into the water outside the restaurant after dessert.

That’s when someone from the restaurant came to the table with the bill, Landman claims.


It was written in black and white that they had to pay an additional $50 because the kids misbehaved.

-At first I thought he would praise us and say that the children behaved well. I felt like they were calm the whole time. But he got right in our faces and told us we belonged at Burger King and not his restaurant,” Landman says.

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– We asked to speak to the owner, then he replied that he is the owner, and continues.

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She says the parents who were still sitting around the table froze at the message they had just received.

-He will live in the forest and cook

The owner shouted, “The show that happened in their house was disturbing,” Landman claims.

Today we have reached out to Toccoa Riverside Restaurant for comment on the alleged incident.

We will not comment on guidelines that we have had for years. “We just want to live in the forest and cook,” one restaurant employee tells Today.

According to Google, the restaurant has good and less good reviews. Among those who received a failing grade, we find someone who had an experience similar to the one described by the guests above.