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"I had a scoop. Which idol judge should I contact?"

“I had a scoop. Which idol judge should I contact?”

after the collapse What excuse do they use to miss appointments They admitted that their parents did not like their behaviour, judges idols Answer two more questions from a test. Pedro Tatanca, Ana Bacalho, Joanna Marquez and Martim Souza Tavares debuted in great shape, and just hours before the new episode, they revealed even more unexpected answers.

And here is the revelation of the third question: “The last movie I didn’t want to see was…

Martim Souza Tavares: “dog strength [O Poder do Cão].

Anna Bacalho: “The Kidnapper Episode, with Will Smith and Chris Rock. Foul.

Joanna Marquez: “Magic. she’s amazing. I loved seeing it for the first time. The worst thing is that after that my son wanted to see him 500 again.

Pedro Tatanka: “It will be an endless list. I usually make movies that I don’t like to sleep at night.

Credits: Joao Maria C.

the fourth question: “I had a scoop and could only summon one judge. Whom do I call?

Martim Souza Tavares: “To Tatanka because he rides a horse with no holes. “

Anna Bacalho: “That’s impossible, we only work with four. Martim helps me change, Joanna makes me laugh as we change the tire and Tatanka writes a song about what happened.”

Joanna Marquez: “To Anna Bacalho. She is a practical and fast woman, who solves everything. Martim doesn’t seem like someone who knows how to change a tire (nothing against him and neither am I) and Tatanka is always without a swing because he lives in the mountains.

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Pedro Tatanka: “Facetime is now done [videochamada] And talk to everyone right away. Nobody is left behind.