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“I had to accept the consequences of an action I did not cause.”

“I had to accept the consequences of an action I did not cause.”

Jennifer Hermoso, the 33-year-old soccer player, has broken her silence and once again commented on the controversy surrounding Luis Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss during the Women’s World Cup victory celebrations in Australia. In an interview with GQ Spain, the magazine that chose Woman of the Year, the athlete admitted that she suffered, and is still suffering, from the events of August 20.

“I had to accept the consequences of an action I didn’t cause, didn’t choose, didn’t intend. I even received threats and that’s something you never get used to. The fact that I had to say that over and over again affected me too. But I know I had to let it go somehow.” I continue to work on this with the help of my psychiatrist.

As a result of the “#SeAcabó” movement, which has spread throughout the football world, Gheni Hermoso has led a “just and necessary” paradigm shift in the fight for feminism.

“With everything that has happened, I think many of us have become more aware of what the word ‘feminism’ really means. In football, we experience firsthand what it means to fight for equality. It has always been said that we want to earn the same as men, but that has not been the case.” Right. We simply wanted the simplest things: to have a minimum wage, to be respected, and to have the opportunity to do something really great. Once we achieved that, we won the World Cup.

“I want people to remember me as someone who wanted to leave Spain on top, but above all, as someone who tried to change many mentalities. Fortunately or unfortunately, this story exists, but I will learn how to use it in a positive way to fight for what I think is good for society.

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In October, following the case that is still before the court today, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee banned Luis Rubiales from carrying out any type of activity related to the King’s sport for three years.