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"I had to explain to my children..."

“I had to explain to my children…”

yVertonghen assumes that facing Portugal on Sunday in the round of 16 of Euro 2020 will be special. The Belgian defender arrived in our country exactly a year ago, to sign for Benfica, and says he was well received.

“Obviously I know the opposing team a little better than most players, because I spent a year in Portugal. For me this is definitely a more special match than any other Belgian player,” Vertonghen began, continued.

The Benfica defender explained that “Portugal has players in all positions playing in the major leagues, who have already won titles and are very strong. It is a team that has been built over time”, who also revealed that he had to explain to his sons that I was going to play against Portugal.

“My kids are at school in Portugal and like everyone else they have to support the Portuguese team. I had to explain to them that their father was going to play against Borogal. I don’t think they realized that yet,” Vertonghen said.

Portugal turned out to be an intriguing point in Vertonghen’s career in the service of the Belgian national team. The experienced Benfica defender played his first and 100th international match against Portugal and will reach 130 in Seville.

Vertonghen concluded: “It is a wonderful country and the people are very nice. I have made a lot of relationships in a short time.”

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