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"I have 4 children in 4 different schools"

“I have 4 children in 4 different schools”

Last Friday, July 16, another “Expresso da Meia-Noite” was broadcast on SIC Notícias, led by Bernardo Ferrao and Angela Silva.

One of the guests of the broadcast was Carolina Patrosinho, who expressed her opinion in the debate on the open letter “Restoring the right to life”, presented by doctors and pharmacists, who called on the government to reverse strategy regarding measures to combat Covid-19.

Today’s show was commented on by Joanna Marquez, in her “Very Unpleasant” section, and since Carolina Patrosinho revealed her children, the comedian has insisted on responding.

“These isolation measures are starting to become somewhat inadequate for the time we live in, and I have four children in my house. I have four children in four different schools, There is not a day when I do not receive an email from seclusion about a child from a different class and entire classes go home. This is the madness, the madness of running a family.”The presenter said.

With a distinct sense of humor, Joanna Marquez portrayed: “I am sorry that the most important thing is to ask the question…” Why 4 children in 4 different schools? Because? What does that mean? Why didn’t Bernardo Firao ask? Now I’ll think about this forever… Carolina told us. Imagine… the logistics… in the morning, you have to leave two hours earlier.”

See here the moment, at 11:20:

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