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- I have no words.  2-year-old drowned - VG

– I have no words. 2-year-old drowned – VG

A neighbor was said to have tried to help a two-year-old girl and two adults out of the apartment below, but the water levels became very violent. In New Jersey, 23 people died when the cars they were in were seized by floods.


– I have no words. How could such a thing happen? Neighbor Deborah Torres says daily norm After the floods that followed Hurricane “Ida” claimed the lives of the three in the apartment next door in New York City. It was said that at least 12 people were victims of the floods in the US capital.

Drowned in basements: A police officer guards basement apartments in Queens, where several people died when their home was flooded.

One of the three neighbors who died was a two-year-old boy.

Torres tried to warn her neighbors, but the floodwaters were so great that the neighbors in the apartment below couldn’t open the doors so they could get to safety.

In both New York and New Jersey, states of emergency were declared after the hurricane triggered severe flooding Thursday night.

Injuries: Two residents of Queens, New York, use buckets to remove water from their basement apartment.

At least 46 people have died so far in floods in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Water crowds pour into the subway, pictures of the city Reminds us of scenes from disaster movies.

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Many of the dead are said to have drowned in their cars, or as a result of waterlogging in basement apartments – as is the case with Torres’ neighbours.

The Daily Standard told the owner excitedly rushed to the neighbors below, asking them to move out. But the water came so hard that she assumes the neighbors couldn’t open the door.

To the news site, Torres explained how water quickly filled the first floor of her own Queens apartment, until she ended up standing on her knees with water.

Big city stop

New York must, according to CNN The state of emergency was introduced for the first time in history due to the so-called flash floods.

On Wednesday evening, eight centimeters of rain fell in Central Park in one hour, a new record by a clear margin. Only emergency services were allowed to roam the streets in the afternoon local time.

In photos taken the night before Thursday Norwegian time, you see cars, some filled with water over the hood, that were only left in the middle of an intersection because it wasn’t possible to drive after the heavy rain in New York’s streets and streets. In flooded rivers.

According to CNN, dozens of people have died in six states along the east coast of Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It is described as one of the worst rainstorms and storms in human memory. The death toll includes a Connecticut police officer who was kidnapped by floodwaters when he responded to a missing person report.

Loads of water also descended the stairs to the New York Subway, the transportation system that brings together more than eight million residents of the city, forcing subway cars to a complete standstill.

The National Hurricane Center has been warning since Tuesday of the risk of large amounts of life-threatening flash floods in the area. However, the severe flooding came as a surprise to New York Governor Kathy Hochhol.

“We didn’t know that the sky would actually open between 20.50 and 21.50 last night and bring water on a par with Niagara Falls on the streets of New York,” Hochhol said Thursday.

Biden: The climate crisis is here

As President Joe Biden commented on the rain:

In recent days, Hurricane Ida, wildfires in the west, and flash floods in New York and New Jersey have been yet another reminder that the climate crisis is here.

The president said that when he said The press gathered on Thursday to speak to the people.

– We have to prepare. We must move. The US President said this is a matter of life and death, and we all stand together. Joe Biden travels to Louisiana on Friday to get a first-hand impression of the massive devastation in the state.

Warning: President Joe Biden said Thursday that recent natural disasters in the United States are a sign of the climate crisis.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked people to stay off the streets.

– If you’re thinking of leaving the house – don’t do it. Get away from the subway. Get off the roads. Do not drive in water bodies. He said late Wednesday this week: Stay inside. That same evening, he described the extreme weather as “historic” in its scope.

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