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- I have no words - VG

– I have no words – VG

Cut the heart. It is said that the girl was killed inside the rehearsal room.

The 14-year-old was standing in the rehearsal room when the police accidentally shot her.

The girl was shopping with her mother when she ended up filming a drama inside a clothing store in the San Fernando Valley, north of Hollywood, reports say. Los Angeles Times. Several people were stunned and asked questions about why the police had opened fire.

Police Chief Michael Moore described the incident as “tragic”.

– It’s just totally heartbreaking. “I have no words that can comfort the mother and family, but I promise them and the rest of the people that we will conduct a thorough investigation,” Moore told The Times.

The police were said to have intervened after reports of an incident with a weapon inside the store. According to the police, they opened fire when they saw a man using violence against a woman. The police also shot and killed the man.

The motive for this action is unclear, nor is it clear if there is a connection between them, NTB wrote. The woman was taken to hospital with what was described as moderate to serious injuries.

shock. The incident took place in a popular shopping area, and many people were stunned and asked why the police opened fire.

But one of the police shots went through a wall behind the perpetrator:

Behind this wall was the rehearsal room. Police officers checked the rehearsal room and found the 14-year-old girl. It is said that she was in the training room with her mother when she was injured.

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“We have a little girl who was in a training room behind a wall that, to my understanding, was where the police opened fire,” Police Chief Moore said.

He says it does not appear that the policeman who fired the shot “could have known that someone was behind the wall or that he saw someone other than the perpetrator and a wall.”

“No police officer in the United States would have wished for an accident like this to happen,” Moore said.

The police are collecting video surveillance equipment from the incident. According to the police, it will take some time to investigate the case.

shooting. It was the police who fired the shots. The police also shot and killed the perpetrator.