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"I hope our lovers never find out..."

“I hope our lovers never find out…”

On Friday, May 13, another broadcast of the SIC program “Married to Primeira Vista” was broadcast. While the guys were gone, there was so much fun that Bruno relaxed even more.

After the men’s dinner, the couple on SIC’s “Married At First Sight” also decided to go to a bar where the atmosphere came to life. The contestants started messing with Oika and said he was always on his cell phone because he was missing his bride: β€œHe turns off his cell phone and talks to Doina all the time. Let Doina rest, you are not with her now, you are with us.”

Bruno began to relax more, and began a conversation with a foreign woman, thinking that she was going to work in the bar. John joked and shot him: “You will get a divorce.” But Bruno didn’t stop here and all night he spotted some women and shot: β€œI am still a man to put them here. I am man enough to put these two sitting here in the middle of us. Do you want to put them here? Is it to end the marriage?”

The bride and groom ended the night with a toast to their wives: “May our lovers never find out”, Bruno joked.

Watch the full moment here.

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