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Cristina Ferreira recebe ‘crítica’ sobre conferência e dá resposta: “Gostava que da próxima pudesse vir…”

“I hope the next one will come…”

Cristina Ferreira kicked off her new project – “Christina Talks” – last Saturday, October 15, at the multipurpose pavilion in Gondomar.

The conference gathered nearly three thousand people, as the presenter of the program announced on her account on Instagram, where she gave an emotional speech after the intense morning she experienced.

“I feel powerless to tell you what happened there. Only those who have gone know. Nothing, neither pictures nor words, will be able to describe it. Anything. ❤️”Cristina Ferreira wrote.

I read here: Cristina Ferreira ‘breaks the silence’ after a day of (strong) feelings: ‘I feel powerless…’

In explaining the post, after seeing many messages from people who were present at the event, one of the presenter’s followers decided to make a comment, in a critical tone.

“They just say it was cool, and knowing what it was about, nepia……..I have the right to conclude that no one noticed what happened there😂”is reading.

Faced with the message, Cristina Ferreira decided to respond, even leaving a call to the Internet user in question: “Good morning! That’s right, we tell very little about what happened, but even by choice. We even thought of doing a live broadcast, but it will be a little for those who have returned from home and it will be unfair to those who paid the ticket to be there. I hope the next one will come Good week.”

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