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“I know I made a mistake: I apologized and am working on returning to the national team.”

“I know I made a mistake: I apologized and am working on returning to the national team.”

In November 2022, Fabio Carvalho informed Rui Jorge via SMS that he was unavailable for a call-up to the Under-21 squad. Since then, he has not been called up again, but he confirms that he has already spoken with the coach and confirms that he dreams of returning to the national team.

Fabio Carvalho grew up in England, a country he immigrated to with his parents when he was just 11 years old, and even represented the England national team when he was young, in a few special matches. However, he has always admitted his desire to play for Portugal. The dream came true, two years ago, on Monday, when he participated for the first time with the under-21 national team, in a match against Iceland. However, there were only four matches in which he played cornerbacks. It's all over a controversy that he claims was a misunderstanding, but admits remorse. Because the 21-year-old confirms that the dream of playing for Portugal still exists.

– In November 2022, Rui Jorge announced that Fabio announced that he was no longer interested in playing for the Under-21 team anymore. What happened?

– I tried to call the master and he did not answer. And then I know it was a mistake: I sent him a message and maybe what I was trying to say wasn't clear. I had a personal problem, and I didn't want to explain what that problem was, because it was a very personal problem. But the way I wrote the letter, the coach might have misinterpreted it and said that I said I didn't want to play for the national team anymore.

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– But you want?

– Yes! I want to represent my country. I am Portuguese and I want to play for Portugal. Since then, I also spoke with Mr. Roberto Martinez and we explained everything.

– Have you made it clear to Rui Jorge and Roberto Martinez that you are available?

– Yes, if they call me, I am available to play with the national team and represent my country.

– Did you talk to Rui Jorge after that?

– Yes Yes. I spoke to him a few days after this situation because I wanted to clear everything up and explain the message I sent him.

– How was this conversation?

– He told me that he would always say the same thing: this kind of conversation should be done over a phone call, if it is not possible to do it in person. I understood and apologized. But he said: “Fabio, you made a mistake.” I know I made this mistake. He also told me that he would talk to people above him to make the decision. And I stayed there.

Fabio Carvalho serves the Under-21 team (FPA)

-Do you regret the way you did things?

– Yes, I'm sorry for the way everything happened and I apologized to Mr. Roy Georgi. Now I can continue to focus on football. If things are to happen, they will happen.

– At that time, there was also talk about the possibility of representing England, because he was very young there. Was that an option?

– No, actually, I don't even have an English passport, so I could never play for England. And I'm Portuguese. I was born in Portugal, I speak Portuguese at home and I feel Portuguese. I just want to play for Portugal, nothing else.

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– Do you think then that taking into account these conversations with Rui Jorge and Roberto Martinez, what is missing for the call-up is a better level?

– Yes, of course. I think the door is open. If I continue to play and develop, I think I can be called up to the national team. It is pride. Representing our country is our greatest pride. When I spoke with coach Roberto Martinez, one of the things he told me was that I had to play at a good level. That's also why I came to Hull City. Play regularly and gain confidence.