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"I look like I'm 60 years old..."

“I look like I’m 60 years old…”


Former Chavez striker William Alves is Curitiba’s new booster and has been the target of fan jokes due to his elderly appearance on filming.

Former Chaves striker William Alves announced as Curitiba’s new booster for the Brazilian Series B Championship that Mimi became in Brazil precisely because of an old photo, when he was defending the Portuguese team. From the appearance of the photo, Brazilian fans doubted the age of the player: 29 years old.

The jokes happened because in the revelations about William’s employment, the Brazilian press published a photo that was published upon his arrival in Chavez. The attacker took the jokes “lightly”.

“I even sent a letter to friends in Portugal.” Wow, did they post a picture of this picture? [risos]. Thousands of photos and put these? Are you kidding me… I told them I became a meme here because of this [risos]. But I deal with sports, I don’t care about that, no. But I really told them, they posted a picture that looks like I’m 60, it looks like I’m my dad. That’s what football is all about, playing sports. “I’m calm about it,” William said in an interview with UOL Esporte.

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