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“I lost fans, care, and some people's respect.”

“I lost fans, care, and some people's respect.”

Diogo Infante56 years old, is one of the most famous Portuguese actors.

Diogo Infante was a guest on the “Um Homem Não Chora” podcast and talked about the repercussions of his marriage to Ruy Calapez in 2013.When same-sex marriage was approved, my son was the first to say, “Now you can get married.” At the time, adoption was unique because same-sex couples were not allowed to adopt. I thought that if something happened to me, Felipe would be unprotected again, but if I got married, my husband would have the advantage over him, if something happened.He remembers.

I knew the risk I would be taking if this became public, but it was incomparably small compared to the benefit I was giving him, in terms of convenience. When it became public, it was a huge relief, because there was a part of me that I had neglected. My life has become much easier. I've lost followers, fans, sponsors, and respect from some people, but I've gained many others whose value is immeasurable and give me a sense of fulfillment.“, he added.

I remember feeling low demand, especially in advertising. I spoke a lot, was the face of many campaigns and this went down significantly. People didn't want to associate themselves with someone who had that personality.“, Diogo Infante expressed his regret.

During the conversation, Diogo Infante admitted: “It made me feel so amazing to call my husband my husband. I felt like she wasn't worthy of me, like she was just part of the word gender. Now I talk about my husband in a normal way. I have become accustomed to the sound of the word and have incorporated it into my dictionary“.

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