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'I love your twin, you're really cute...': The Scottish strategy to get Grealish off the hook - Scotland

‘I love your twin, you’re really cute…’: The Scottish strategy to get Grealish off the hook – Scotland

Stephen O’Donnell revealed his vision for the English player

There are several ways to keep an opponent away during the course of the game and the usual formula is to “mark” them with a tougher entry here and there. It’s a way of defining territory, imposing respect and leaving the opponent with the feeling that he can’t do all he wants. It’s not good to see, the fact is that this practice is common and usually works. But not with Jack Grealish. At least judging by the way Stephen O’Donnell described his strategy for championing the English in the last duel between Scotland and England.

“At that point in the match, I’m starting to get tired. He was just in, and he was good and new. Usually when the wings come in we get a little tired, so I thought ‘I’m going to give him a little touch up.’ And that’s what I did,” recalls the Motherwell player, who He quickly realized on the field that the strategy had to be different, because he soon saw a yellow card. The tactic should be what Grealish’s teammate John McGinn gave him. “He gave me some advice. He told me to fill his ears, not with negativity or mouths, but with praise. As soon as he started the field, I started telling him how handsome he was, that I adore the twins. And they asked him how he could have hair like his. They told me that if I hit him I would hit him.” He gets up and climbs more straight. This is probably the best way to get Jack Grealish out of play,” explained the defender, who for just over half an hour had made his head in the water for the Aston Villa star.

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In the end, with 0-0 on the scoreboard, the strategy will have had the desired result…

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