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"I Made Your Father": Hillary Duff takes on the lead role - Culture

“I Made Your Father”: Hillary Duff takes on the lead role – Culture

The Disney star plays in the sequel to the cult series “How I Made Your Mother” –
4 hours ago

Hillary Duff at the Golden Globes.

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“Today is the day. I knew I was going to shoot ‘How I Met Your Father’,” the 33-year-old said in a video on Instagram on Wednesday.

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According to several American media outlets, streaming service Hulu on Wednesday announced that ten episodes of the series “How I Made Your Father” have been cast in the lead role with Duff. The creators of the original series, Carter Base and Craig Thomas, will be back there. They are joined by showrunners Isaac Aptecker and Elizabeth Berger (“This is us”).

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The Japanese road movie with two women will be released on Netflix in mid-April. Wildlife filmmaker David Attenborough can now be found in the three-part series Life in Color. Prime Video Sends Football Documentary Black Eagles Racing. Pettina Buhler’s Schlinkenship portrait also runs on Amazon. The new Shadow and Bone series, on the other hand, is something for fantasy fans. It will be available on Netflix from April 23rd.

“I play the role of Sophie,” Duff said in his video. “I’m looking forward to diving into it; I’m starting to figure out who Sophie is.” Between 2005 and 2014 “How I Made Your Mother” ran successfully on CBS, an American broadcaster. In Germany, sitcom is found in Procyban.

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Which film did not come from French cinema?

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© Fox Search Engine / 20th Century Fox

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In which film does Edward Norton play a boy scout instructor?

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© 12019 / Pixbe / License

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