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“I miss FC Porto for sure.”

“I miss FC Porto for sure.”

The statements of Brazilian defender Danilo, who played for Portuguese club Porto from 2’11 to 2015, when he moved to Real Madrid. Play now for Juventus

Victory and passage to the quarter-finals: “I’m very satisfied, it’s a great happiness. I’ve had time to recover and be on the field and help. Playing left back is not a problem, I’ve played a few times [nessa posição] throughout my career.”

How did you manage to recover so quickly?: “It took a great deal of willpower and resilience. This is a hallmark of my career but I also have to say thank you to all the medical staff of the national team. They worked tirelessly so that Neymar and I could play today.”

He was afraid that he would not recover in time: “Of course, these are things that come to my mind. In the last World Cup I was also out with injury, and in the early days, I had a lot of pain in my feet. But I don’t make it easy. I said I would improve one percent every hour of the day and so it was. I have I followed the plan and trusted my body and the doctors’ work. Thank God, I’m fine.”

Do you miss FC Porto?“I definitely miss FC Porto.”

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