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“I owe these justifications to my daughters.”

“I owe these justifications to my daughters.”

Joao Paulo Rodriguez got divorced In 2017 from Juliana MartoHe has two daughters from him, Rita that it Sofia. The comedian spoke with This Monday, May 13 Julia Pineiro In the program “Julia” from Such and suchHe was asked about his love life.

“Single. I'm calm. When it comes to love, I'm calm because I don't have a lot of time, and I'm always moving from one place to another, and It wouldn't be fair for me to have someone in my life and not be in that person's lifesaid the comedian who launched the new one bachelor “You always”.

I don't really like to justify myself “Why aren't you here?” Why does it always work?. I owe these justifications to my daughters and give them to them, but I'm not yet at the point in my life where I think I have to justify myself to anyone else because I think I'm using my time to do what I need to do. The special thing (…) The time I really want is to be with my girlsHe explained.

“Have you become a friend or are you not able to see her anymore?” – Joao Paulo Rodriguez answers a question about his ex-girlfriend

In 2021, João Paulo Rodriguez announced the end of his relationship with the ophthalmologist. Anna Amarowith whom he publicly established a relationship in 2018.