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“I realized you have to want a lot and/or swallow some frogs” - Current Affairs

“I realized you have to want a lot and/or swallow some frogs” – Current Affairs

After the recent Big Brother Famosos gig announced that Ana Garcia Martins, better known as “A Pipoca Mais Doce,” is leaving the commentator role, she took to Instagram to talk about the decision.

When, in 1873, I accepted the invitation of Nuno Santos to ‘Big Brother’, I never thought what kind of commentator I would be. I think they hired me because they thought I could somehow make a difference. For the humor, the irony, the straightforwardness, and the ability in some way to give a voice to as many people who watched the game as I did (wonderful people, I don’t give a voice to others),” he began writing.

I remember being very content in the first appearance (Because I already know what the house spends on) And that, at times, I thought ‘that’s not good enough for me. Or say what I really think and bow to the consequences (good and bad),’ or if I’d be someone else decorating the couch and say all Nice thing, I’ll go away, and I left my leg of lamb in the tandoor.’ I never decided to be more controversial, controversial, corrosive, or whatever. But I’ve never been so interested in being approved or liked by everyone, I know it’s impossible with my record. Yes, I was interested in saying what I was thinking, standing up for what I believed in and helping, in some way, to change the prejudiced image a lot of people had of ‘BB’‘, highlighted.

“I had so much fun in the first editions I commented on, there were many times when I laughed until my stomach ache, but that pleasure was passing by. This last version was particularly dense and I immediately realized that it wasn’t cute anymore. And since this has always been my limit, I decided it was time to stop.“, It is to explain.

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I realized that to be in certain formats you have to want a lot and/or swallow a few frogs and have a flexible backbone. Now, since my happiness and death go through many other things, and above all, because I have inherited a crooked shaft like my own, I choose not to continueShe added, showing her enthusiasm for new projects.

It’s okay, I’m very at peace with the decision (and with TVI, don’t make up dramas) and very excited about what’s to come. Being a commentator for ‘BB’ has been one of the best experiences of my life, I’m so grateful to everyone who came across…and for you, always for you. It has been repaired of course. Others … Look, accept me, the pain is much less. see you soon! Always yours,” he concluded.

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