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"I really wanted to apologize to Marianiha," the ex-husband of Carolina Patrocinho's sister returns to leave a message for his ex-wife - celebrities

“I really wanted to apologize to Marianiha,” the ex-husband of Carolina Patrocinho’s sister returns to leave a message for his ex-wife – celebrities

After Alexandre Estevez de Oliveira, Mariana Patrocinho’s ex-husband was heavily criticized by his ex-wife on Instagram and sent her several indirect criticisms.The lawyer returned to submit several posts on the social network related to the matter.

The ex-husband of Carolina Patrocinho’s sister posted a photo with Mariana in which she wrote:

“I created a boring post for her own mariani and really wanted to apologize very much to her marianne: as for her friends, she should be kept,” one can read.

He also posted another picture with his daughter, in which he writes that he wants to work, but “Internet users are at all,” referring to the many messages that he will receive.

Alexandre Esteves de Oliveira, on Thursday, posted a photo of his seven-year-old daughter, Piorza, which he would have already deleted, in an insulting description of Mariana’s friends Patrocinho, where he says his daughter’s friends “are not of the same. Breed as friends of a mother.”

On Friday, the lawyer exchanged the photo for another of his daughter, but with a different description.

New post: I had to delete yesterday’s post because I couldn’t bear much intelligence from so many people: I only accept kisses and hugs: Whoever wants to extract hate, I will tell you where you do it: Attention: Only kisses and hugs you guys.

See the post:

Actress Jessica Ataide was one of several public figures who criticized the attorney’s position and accused him of washing dirty clothes.

I am angry when I see parents of children using social media to wash dirty clothes, it is a great lack of respect and in my view a great lack of love, ”he wrote.