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"I spent a year without work and without profit. I took a course in ceramics"

“I spent a year without work and without profit. I took a course in ceramics”

FHello while giving Christmas news to Douglas, last Wednesday, November 24th, in Lisbon, An Minute News He was in conversation with Barbara Norton de Matos. The actress was a familiar face who did not miss this meeting.

In a short interview, Barbara Norton de Matos talked about her new projects outside of television. In addition to her recent cologne launch, the actress also launched a ceramic line later this week.

on the waters of the colony, As already highlighted on your Instagram pageThis project, he explained, “went out to a lunch with friends in June.” “I never thought I’d go this crazy, but I’m glad I did. I did everything from scratch“The end result is very positive,” he said.

“It’s going beautifully, it’s been great, I’ve had great feedback. I made a product just as I wanted to find it for myself in the market and at the price I would like to find in the market as well. That it will be accessible to everyone, to be able to reach into the pockets of everyone and the people who follow me – Because, deep down, I have 300,000 followers [no Instagram] And they can buy. I’m also familiar with people’s wallets… and I want them to have a little bit of me at home“, he added.

After that, he revealed that he would take risks in other areas and “launched another brand of ceramics.” News that arrived on Friday 26 November.

“A range of ceramic pieces, and even services, with my partner Sarah Matos de Ferreira,” he explains, also sharing the brand name: Esperança.

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Why hope? “For all this we have been through. Why I took a course in ceramics when I was unemployed. I was a year without work and without profit. It is hope. So much meaning for the time we’re going through, and for the stage I went through at that time. It’s hope, a different side, a different art form, thank God. I’m full of work, but still good. IM so happy‘, he answered.

Bárbara Norton de Matos continues to air the series “Amor Amor” by SIC, bringing Emília to life. About this project, “Very good memories” linger.

Big challenge. Comedy made its debut on TV, became a big red – I was tired of the redhead. It’s a very different experience, and a very big challenge. I was very insecure in season one because it’s not my comfort zone, comedy, I think it’s very difficult. But I am not a woman to give up or give up. I learned a lot with my colleagues, with the technical team and now I feel the desire to do more comedy, “he confirmed.

Without forgetting her colleague and friend Ruggero Samora, with whom she starred in the TV series SIC, the actress stated that the situation was “very complicated”.

“I was recording with him a lot at the time and remember the last thing he said to me was, ‘Mimosa (that’s what it’s called my name, and what it’s going to be called because I hope it’s good),’ tell me one thing, you haven’t seen our sights, don’t call me at all. I send you messages and you don’t call me at all. I always regret not replying at that time. I didn’t answer… It was very difficult to deal with this situation and still is. It’s kind of surreal, it just didn’t seem to happen. It is very strange. “It’s going to go well, I hope,” he said, “a big kiss for Rogerio.”

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Remember that Rogerio Samora He was recording the TV series “Omar Amour” when he had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where he spent several days. At the moment, the actor is in a continuous care unit.

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