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"I started making dinner for the family when I was 9..."

“I started making dinner for the family when I was 9…”

Clara de Souza was a guest of Rui Unas on another “Maluco Beleza” show “broadcast” on Youtube, where the SIC hub talked a little more about her life and hobbies, which are gaining expression on social networks.

“It was something I woke up late, or… you found here on social media an opportunity to reveal yourself, because many people didn’t know, that you are so talented, my wife follows your channel, and she follows your advice… here is a parallel side that has gained a lot of expression “Roy Onas comments.

Clara de Sousa recalled her life’s journey, and spoke of her mother, a chef by profession, who gave her the responsibility for early family dinners: “My mother was a cook, cooking has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and I started preparing dinner for the family at the age of nine, and my mother gave me this responsibility at the age of nine…”, It begins with an explanation of the SIC axis.

“My mother left the house at 7 am and arrived at 8:30 pm, so when she came home, she was surprised… what can I do. More basic things, oven things, simple things, and my mother always called me into the kitchen” , still admits.

Watch here at minute 25:

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