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I started to think if Paris was that important.

I started to think if Paris was that important.

FAtima Lopez was one of those interviewed on Tuesday, April 27th, with Manuel Luis Josha on his TVI show. The well-known Portuguese designer, who has an international career, admitted that the epidemic, and the incarceration in succession, gave her a fresh look at life and the priorities that must be preserved.

“I thought there was nothing more important than my fashion shows in Paris, everything stopped, nothing important. Paris was the goal, I worked for months for it,” he recalls, stressing that over the course of 21 years on Respectively set up 43 groups.

Suddenly I started thinking that it would be much easier not to be too interested in Paris, and that the groups were conducted the same way but with a different calm., He admits.

“The past year has seen bad things, but I’ve enjoyed life differently. I’m starting to wonder if Paris has been that important. It’s been for 21 years. [Os desfiles] They brought me an international brand, my presence in the best magazines in the world, but they prevented me from doing a lot. ”, Notice.

Today Fatima says she wants to prepare for a big parade in Portugal.

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