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“I stopped by my father’s, I’m going to prepare dinner.”

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DrAfter submitting another “Big Brother special diary,” Christina Ferreira returned home and shared the story of the end of her day on Instagram.

In a more personal post, the TVI presenter said: “I just came home. “I stopped by my parents’ place to make sure everything was okay. I’m going to prepare dinner for my son, and I’m still working on organizing and trying to rest after a day’s work.”.

“I’ve just done a show that was difficult to manage because of the many emotions involved. This is what Big Brother is like.” People who choose to engage in an experience that, due to stress, often puts them on the verge of behaviors that can be easily condemned. Today, as an introduction, I did what I thought was right. Calm their nerves and confront them with the mistake, which enhances empathy for them. I have great respect for everyone. As in life, tomorrow is another day. Now I will take off my makeup, he added.

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