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“I suffered from bullying and they beat me hard”

“I suffered from bullying and they beat me hard”

Fátima Lopes accepted Rita Ferro Alvim’s invitation to participate in the podcast “N’A Caravana”. In preparation to embark on a long “journey” through her life story, the introduction opened her heart and made great revelations.

The former TVI presenter recalls the times of massive change she experienced at the age of eight, when she went with her parents to live in Mozambique.

Fatima, who had until then been a “too much child”, took a “slap from reality” with the change. The spokeswoman admits that she experienced “very complex moments of integration” in a country that is just as different from the one in which she was born and a new culture.

Fatima admits that she suffered from “racism for being white” at school, because her transition occurred in 1997 – after Mozambique’s independence and when the vast majority of Portuguese had already left the country.

I was put aside at school because I was the only white one. The children did not accept me’,” he recalls, explaining that the situation only improved after his mother spoke to her teacher.

However, the bullying continued and became more and more dangerous.

There was a time when I was bullied by a group of girls, from school too, again because I was white. They kept waiting for me when I left school and my mother had to pick me up for some time, because once they caught themselves alone and beat me hard.’,” he asserts, realizing that the situation ended up naturally calming down.

Despite her most difficult moments, Fatima Lopez has no doubt that her passage through Africa and all the situations she has been through helped her become the unprepared and supportive person that she is today.

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