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- I take responsibility for the eviction decision - VG

– I take responsibility for the eviction decision – VG

Clear speech: Joe Biden spoke to the nation on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday evening, the last US troops left Afghanistan after 20 years of war in the country.


I take responsibility for the eviction decision. Some say we should have done it earlier, or that it could have been done in a more orderly way. I don’t agree with that, says US President Joe Biden. On Tuesday evening, he spoke to the nation about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden says the evacuation from Kabul was a huge success, and he had no choice but to get the United States out of the country.

The last US planes took off from Kabul on Tuesday night, and the Taliban now control the city’s airport. U.S. military Neutralize it and leave it behind Dozens of aircraft and armored vehicles before leaving Afghanistan.

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The president believes that ninety percent of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have now fled.

– 20 officials were injured in the operation and 13 heroes were martyred. We owe them a thank you that we will never be able to pay.

With that was the 20-year war in the country. It is the longest armed conflict the United States has ever participated in. Four different governments, both Republican and Democratic, have handled the conflict.

USK OVER: Taliban soldiers took control of the airport in Kabul on Tuesday when the last American left the base.

Biden to the terrorists: – We are not done with you

Biden also issued a clear warning to those terrorists who want the wrath of the United States.

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– We are not done with you, the United States will not calm down, will not forgive and will not forget, we will chase you to the end of the world and you will pay the price, says Biden.

The United States alone has evacuated more than 120,000 people from Kabul since the operation began shortly before the Taliban occupied the Afghan capital 14. August.

There should be 100 to 200 Americans left in Afghanistan who want to get out. Many of them failed to reach the airport in time before the last soldiers left the country.

Since March, we have tried 19 times to communicate with Americans who have been in Afghanistan through various warnings and offers to help them get out of the country. After we began the evacuation, we identified more than 5,000 Americans who had previously decided to stay, but now want to leave the country, Biden says.

Biden promises to help all Americans who still want to get out of the country. Secretary of State Blinken will lead the diplomatic process to secure outbound passengers.

Our soldiers and allies have successfully ejected more than 5,500 Americans, thousands of residents and diplomats from other allied countries, and nearly 2,000 local employees and interpreters who assisted American forces.

The plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan came during the Trump administration. An agreement was signed with the Taliban in February 2020, which at that time already controlled about half of the country’s regions.