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-I think it’s a wig

-I think it’s a wig

“Wow! There was a lot of hair! What’s in baby food?”

The parents of five-month-old Millie Rae, Julia Chu, 34, and Alex Kwong, 39, from Vancouver, Canada, can rarely leave the house without being asked about little Millie’s hair.

-When she was born, she had several centimeters of hair all over her head. She looked like a Monchichi, mother Julia tells the local newspaper Wales Online.

Munshichi are Japanese dolls that are supposed to resemble monkeys and were first released in 1974.

According to the parents, people assume their daughter is much older than five months, and are often asked if they have worn a wig on her.

Hair: Munshichi dolls are known for being furry. Image: Wikimedia Commons
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– People often ask if her hair is real. The mother says: We usually joke that it is a baby wig.

She believes her daughter inherited Alex’s father’s mane.

-We think it’s genetics. She says Alex was also born full-blown, but she’s still less than Millie.

Splice goes off: - Now he's coming back

Splice goes: – Now Bamsjot is coming home

Moreover, the mother says that they did not do anything to their hair, except wash it with water and baby shampoo.

According to Wales Online, Millie’s videos have gone viral on both TikTok and Instagram, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

-We were surprised by how many people were impressed by it. Julia says all the comments were about the hair, and they were all positive.

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