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"I think you deserve to know the truth..."

“I think you deserve to know the truth…”

Leandro joined “Big Brother Famosos” and on the first day he was at home with fellow programmers, he revealed his version of the operations he undertook with his ex-wife and mother of his eldest son, Suri Kona.

After the reaction at the time, Suri Cunha once again took to social networks to publish a statement explaining that he does not have a friendly relationship with his ex-partner: “Because I believe that “you” deserve to know the truth from the people on the TV shows you watch, I want to make it clear that the father of my son Simao has no functional or positive relationship with me or my family. Unfortunately after all he put me in alibi, false public and private testimonies against me and domestic violence myself! There is no relationship of any kind.” He starts writing.

“Regarding your parenting role, we only communicate through this situation what is necessary for my son’s well-being, and I respect you and won’t comment on that. Now I don’t accept it. Keep lying in the media, especially now that he’s been so punished by Big Brother’s audience. It got kicked out at 87%. I can’t let you try to use me to clean up your photo.”Suri continues to be.

“By the way, perhaps justice has now been served to him. God delays and does not fail. Amen 🙏 “, it can still be read.

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