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- I thought it was a joke - VG

– I thought it was a joke – VG

Norway warning: – I would like to tell the Norwegian people that you must understand what kind of country you are dealing with. It is a country that is engaged in state terrorism, and has a president who is a friend of Putin, says Swedish politician Amina Kakapavi.

Member of Parliament Emine Kakabave is making a splash after the Turkish ambassador first said he wanted to extradite her to Turkey – before later denying that was the case.


Turkey’s ambassador to Sweden, Hakki Emre Yunt, on Friday accused several Swedish politicians of belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is classified as a terrorist group in Turkey, the European Union and the United States.

He pointed an accusing finger at Deputy Amina Kabbawa, saying that he wanted her delivered to Turkey.

– When I heard about it, I thought it was a joke. But this tells us a lot about what kind of country Turkey is and its system. It just went too far, Amina Kakapavi told VG Friday night.

But a few hours later came the counter message:

After that, the Turkish ambassador denied that he wanted to extradite him. He said it was all a misunderstanding – and that the Swedish politician doesn’t stand that way list of people Turkey demands the extradition of criminals.

However, Kakabavé does not believe that this is the truth.

– Turkey knows that the eyes of the whole world are on them, and that they are deceiving themselves. I don’t think it was a misunderstanding, but someone told him to pull it off, she said.

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Requires extradition of “terrorists”

The background is that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has temporarily banned Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO, as he claims that both countries are. “Free ports for terrorists”.

All 30 NATO countries must agree to new members of the defense alliance, and diplomacy is now working on high alert to make that happen. finding a solution.

Turkey made a number of demands to Sweden and Finland. Among other things, they are demanding the extradition of 33 people who will be linked to the PKK and the Gülen movement.

Turkey and the PKK have been at war since 1984. In the shadow of the Ukraine war, this spring Turkey launched a war A large-scale military attack against the group.

Not affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Kakapavi is a Swedish citizen and has lived in Sweden since the 1990s but was born in Iranian Kurdistan. It denies any association with the PKK.

– I have nothing to do with Turkey and the PKK. I work for Kurdish rights and women’s rights. It doesn’t matter where they are.

Kakapavi is non-partisan, but cast her final vote for Magdalena Anderson as prime minister in November, after striking a deal with the Social Democrats. The agreement included cooperation with the Democratic Union Party, the largest political party for Syria’s Kurds.

An armed branch of the Democratic Union Party, called the People’s Protection Units, was an ally of the West in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Turkey equates the YPG with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – classified as a terrorist organization.

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The Swedish politician claims that the Turkish president is systematically racist against the Kurds.

– The whole world knows that Erdogan sat at the same negotiating table with the PKK. Turkey refers all other voices in favor of a democratic Turkey and Kurdish rights to terrorists.

Erdogan is chasing people because of their ethnic background. What this tyrant is doing is racist against an entire ethnic group.

background: This is the battle of the Kurds

Norway warns

Kakapavi further says that it is worrying that NATO countries and the European Union are not showing clearer opposition to Erdogan’s demands.

– As long as this does not happen, it will continue, she claims.

I would like to say to the Norwegian people that you have to understand what kind of country you are dealing with. It is a regime implicated in state terrorism, with a president who is Putin’s friend.

Do you fear that Sweden will acquiesce in Turkey’s demands for access to NATO, and thus the life of Kurds in Sweden may become more urgent?

– I really hope not. It would be a scandal if Sweden allowed Erdogan’s demands. It is a complete dos.

– But life is already more difficult for the Kurds in Sweden. Lots of people call me worried.