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“I tricked Jasmine’s mother into becoming a father. I let her cool.”

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Yesterday, MelΓ£o shared a story with Marco Costa, Mafalda Matos and Sara Aleixo that has already caused controversy on social media. The dispute is the fact that the singer really wanted to be a father and his partner had no such intention, and therefore took the pill.

Jasmine’s mother was tricked into becoming a father. She took the pill and did not give it. So I let it cool. He caught a cold and had to take antibiotics and take strawberries there. When she realized she was pregnant, she couldn’t believe what had happened.‘, the singer who left Mafalda Matos reported in apparent shock:Did you put your partner out in the cold?

As the conversation progressed, Millau revealed more details: β€œHey, catching a big French cold. He caught a cold like this, and had to take antibiotics. He took antibiotics, cut off the effect of the pill and went to get…“.

His wife didn’t want to be a mother and he really wanted to be a father. So the woman became constipated until she stopped taking the pillsMarco Costa explained.

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