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"I tried my best to save the marriage"

“I tried my best to save the marriage”

After being on “Celebrity Big Brother”, Melanie Mல்லller and Mike Bloomer wanted to work on their relationship. Without success. Instead, the Ballerina singer was spotted in the capital with another person And he looks just like her mic.

Melanie Mல்லller is considered a powerful woman in the ballroom industry. The former porn star, who became a TV star through the show “Der Bachelor”, is now especially active as a pop singer “Off Malle”. In 2021 he also appeared in the movie “Celebrity Big Brother”.

There he spoke openly about his marital crisis and his wife Mike Bloomer in front of the cameras. It was determined that they wanted to work in a relationship especially for the benefit of their children. But now 33 years old he reveals that the salvation of marriage has failed.

“It made me sad”

“Celebrity Big Brother ‘Mike and I had our problems before and after that I tried to save the marriage,” the former Queen of the Jungle “Bild” sums up in an interview with the newspaper. “But Mike wanted to keep his distance and devote time to himself. It was so hard for me to implement and it made me sad.”

Melanie Mல்லller and Mike Bloomer: Your marriage can no longer be saved. (Source: M. Wehnert / Imego Images)

The fact that her partner no longer responds properly to her attempts to fix problems led to the end of her “emotional powers”. Mike went on vacation with two friends. Melanie was actually scheduled to travel with them.

“I’ve been standing alone for the last few weeks”

He is currently in Berlin. Without her husband, but with a friend. In photos, Available in the “Built” newspaper, Both are well known. In addition, the person next to Melanie Mல்லller looks just like her mic. But between the two it was not that big. She is only comfortable with him. He has no new love and no relationship.

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Melanie draws up a devastating marital balance: “Eventually I’ve been alone for the past few weeks. It was so hard for me. I just do not have the strength.” However, he did not talk about the final division or divorce in the interview.