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"I waited for the last guitar chord": Maria João Abreu died while her family sang her favorite song - celebrities

“I waited for the last guitar chord”: Maria João Abreu died while her family sang her favorite song – celebrities

Actress Maria João Abreu’s final moments with the family were filled with deep feelings and love. The artist, who did not survive the aneurysm, died on Thursday at the Garcia de Horta Hospital in Almada. Beside her was her husband, Joao Raposo, and one of her children, Ricardo Raposo, who sang and played Joao’s favorite song in his last moments.

This revelation was revealed by the actress’s son-in-law, Rita Raposo, Ricardo’s wife, on social networks.

“Joao left peacefully while listening to Joao and Ricardo dedicating one last song she liked, Black. She waited for the last guitar chord to breathe the last time. And she was beautiful, as always!” Daughter-in-law, Maria João Abreu wrote on Instagram.

Rita Raposo also revealed that she and her husband are in “solitary mourning” and that due to the Covid-19 virus, they were unable to attend the funeral. Miguel Raposo, the other son of the actress Infected with Covid-19, I found CM.

“We are living in times of more grief and injustice. We were sent to a place where it was not necessary. Today we live in solitary mourning. Due to Covid, we will not be present at the farewell of Guosazenia’s body. We will not be able to embrace our friends now. However, we feel That all your virtual love has been so good. Thank you very much, “reads in a message shared by Rita Raposo.