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"I want you to be the woman of my life..."

“I want you to be the woman of my life…”

Andre Philippe and Anuska Make the relationship official Last Wednesday, during live in Location “TV” to comment on the latest events in Big Brother. After that moment, the couple were at “Em Família” to share the love story that united them.

Anuska revealed that she met Andrei at a party and admitted that she supported her boyfriend’s now performance in Big Brother – Revolution:I missed seeing when Andre left”, showed. During the conversation, Andre Philippe also surprised his girlfriend with a beautiful statement, when asked about a dating request:I want her to be the woman in my life, I don’t just want her to be my girlfriend. I feel so [a mulher da minha vida]Said the producer who charmed Anuska.

Although at the beginning of the relationship it was difficult to accept the different genders between families, Anuska and Andrei are more in love than ever: “I thought it was too free, and that it was a little crazy. I told him that because of everything that happened in Big Brother, but when I got to know André, things changed completely. I saw that André from Big Brother wasn’t André on the outside, he was completely different. I was [uma descoberta] unbelievableAnuska explained.

I felt lonely, completely lost, and when I met Anouska it was different. I felt completeAndre Philippe added, sharing a bit of his experience after Big Brother.He is so kind…Andrei inspires me, makes me feel things no one else has ever felt, makes me feel true love, he’s amazing, a person with a big heartAnuska concluded.

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You can watch the full conversation here.