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“I wanted Logan Paul's training time.”

“I wanted Logan Paul's training time.”

Ronda Rousey left WWE amidst a lot of controversy surrounding her, as she criticized the backstage environment and important officials, spoke very badly about Vince McMahon, and also accused Drew Gulak of harassment.

This time the former fighter's complaints were not as serious, but in an interview with the Steve-O Show, Ronda Rousey complained that she would have liked to have the training time that Logan Paul got in WWE.

He's great on the mic. I wish I had time to practice this. It is not distributed equally.

He's their next big star. They're rolling out the red carpet for him. This shows that if we give people the time to practice and the resources, they can do amazing things. It is frustrating that not everyone has access to this treatment.

My first fight was amazing, because we had six weeks to train for it, and the best minds in the business came and gave their input and it was a classic fight.

And after that, they never did it again. I believed: “Why isn't this the model?“They're doing it with Logan Paul and he's doing great.

See what you can do when you put organization and effort into things.

I'm amazed that this multi-million dollar company succeeds in so many ways, despite everything.

What do you think of these statements by Ronda Rousey?

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