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"I wanted to see my beloved daughter, but if she wouldn't allow it."  Mafalda Luis de Castro and Ines Aires Pereira trade accusations

“I wanted to see my beloved daughter, but if she wouldn’t allow it.” Mafalda Luis de Castro and Ines Aires Pereira trade accusations

Last Friday May 20 Mafalda Luis de Castro He turned to his Instagram account to report his friendship with him Ines Iris Pereira Don’t live the best of days. The actress is a godmother Alicethe eldest daughter of Aeneas, and decided to clarify “Removal“Between the two, but not without leaving some accusations To an old friend.

I guess I owe you that answer, which is why I’m going to talk here and now‘, by Mafalda Luis de Castro, by stories From the same social network. “I don’t like to explore my personal life, but here“, He said.

On this topic, I understand that there are even many questions, many people know that I am the mother of Alice’s godmother, the first daughter of Aeneas, and perhaps they can even ask themselves why I do not see the girl. And without wanting to do a lot of dirty laundry here, because I think Inês will be fine with this, I can tell you that we are no longer in the same stage of friendship, Of course I want to see my beloved daughter, but if you do not allow it, then I cannot do it.The actress accused.

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On the same day, Ines Aires Pereira responded to Mafalda Luis de Castro’s statements immediately. also by storiesActress started Underestimating the chargesonly highlight expressions”Do not wash soiled clothes” And “A different stage in friendship‘ said the old friend.

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However, on the morning of Saturday the twenty-first, the artist returned to the topic: “Well, people are already starting to notice, and they have already seen the stories of Mafalda. Yes, we drifted too far, but that’s okay. I found what I did a little superfluousAnd I won’t continue to talk here as if I were talking to her on my social networks“, He said.

Now you can stop asking me about my cousin“, he added.

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